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Topics discussed on today's show: Who's Going To Hell, Stealing Halloween Decorations, Weird Things Stolen, Birthdays, News of the Day with Lisa May, Once Normal - Now a Freak, Abducted Uncle, Treat Or Treat, Chubby Receipt, Youtube to Pornhub, The Schmoes Know stop by with Movie Reviews, Movie Password, Florida Or Anywhere Else, Frosty's Tiddies, and Apologies.

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Once Normal, Now Shut In 10/18/2018
Once Normal, Now Shut In
A woman is looking for a baby sitter to take her kids trick-or-treating because of her social anxiety. FHF talk to listeners who have had their lives turned upside down because of their anxieties.
Frosty, Heidi and Frank with guest Chris Claiborne 10/17/2018
Frosty, Heidi and Frank with guest Chris Claiborne
USC Alumni, 8 year pro football veteran, and now head football coach at Calabasas High School, Chris Claiborne stops by the show to thank the FHF show for supporting the Calabasas Coyotes football season.
The Top Hardest Interview Questions 10/17/2018
The Top Hardest Interview Questions
Need a job? Here is a list of the Top Hardest Interview Questions asked in a job interview. Nail these and you got a job!
A Dad's Testosterone 10/16/2018
A Dad's Testosterone
A Man's testosterone begins to fade after having a kid. And do you wish you could go back in time and not have kids and why?
FHF Studio Session With Christian James Hand 10/15/18 10/15/2018
FHF Studio Session With Christian James Hand 10/15/18
Today's Song Break Down: Men At Work - Overkill
Horrible Bosses 10/12/2018
Horrible Bosses
Horrible boss stories from listeners goes horrible wrong.
Prostitute Stories 10/11/2018
Prostitute Stories
An off duty cop gets his car stolen by a prostitute he was seeing and Frank has no idea where to even find a hooker. So, Frank asks prostitutes or anyone who has had a prostitute encounter to call and share their stories.
Frosty, Heidi and Frank with guest Justin Willman 10/10/2018
Frosty, Heidi and Frank with guest Justin Willman
Netflix Original Series 'Magic For Humans' host Justin Willman stops by the show and creates radio magic.
Families Shredding Money 10/09/2018
Families Shredding Money
A kid shreds $1,000 in a shredder, but what is your family just wasting money on that you'll never get back? Then, a surprise call from a Legend in the BMX world.
FHF Studio Session With Christian James Hand 10/08/18 10/08/2018
FHF Studio Session With Christian James Hand 10/08/18
Today's Song Break Down: The Theme from Shaft - Isaac Hayes
Middle Age Drinking 10/05/2018
Middle Age Drinking
Middle Aged Drinking and Halloween Decorations. Enjoy. 
Surprise! I'm Cheating! 10/03/2018
Surprise! I'm Cheating!
Women caught cheating in the news leads FHF down the path of how did you find your significant other or someone you know cheating?
Dating Psycho 10/02/2018
Dating Psycho
A few psycho women are in the news, so FHF go to the phones to hear stories from listeners about the psycho people they've dated.
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