Defriending on Facebook Can Get You Killed
February 27, 2012
Defriending on Facebook Can Get You Killed
Many of you probably heard about crazy crimes that arose from a simple defriending on Facebook but this one is a doozy. For the most part there’s usually a reason behind why someone gets defriended. In this case, there was no reason.

A couple in Tennessee just decided to defriend a woman on Facebook which lead to her father and another man to kill the couple. The authorities in Tennessee claim that this is one of the most gruesome murders they’ve ever seen. The couple was found with headshots and the man had his throat slit open. The woman still had her 8-month-old baby in her arms when she was shot.

So this couple wasn’t even killed by the woman they defriended but instead by the father and a random guy. What could’ve happened to have caused such a violent murder like this? Unless the defriended woman were manic and threw the biggest fit in the world, I don’t see what could’ve justified such an insane murder. This just makes me wonder what other lunatics there are in my friend list. Defriending one of them could make me a headline of a murder someday too. What about you? Ever think twice about adding certain people to your friend list?

Posted by Listener Peter at 9:36 AM