Government says "There Are No Known Aliens"
Posted by Listener Peter on February 03 2012
The law says that when any petition reaches 25,000 signatures, it has to go to a top policymaker to get addressed. There were two petitions in the running during the latter part of 2011 asking the government to disclose immediate knowledge of extraterrestrial activity to the public. Naturally both petitions were rejected and the government issues a statement saying that there are no known extraterrestrial activity and that they weren’t hiding any information about it either.

I don’t know about you but it really seems improbable that we’d be the only life in the entire universe. The vastness of space is so infinite that there are probably countless other solar systems much like ours that may have life on them. Scientists have discover a few Earth like planets in different solar systems during 2011 and most of them are in what’s called the “habitable zone” which is our gauge for a habitable planet humans can live on. It’s actually not too farfetched to believe that the government is hiding information they have on aliens. The mythology behind Area 51 and unexplained UFO sightings have sparked numerous takes on aliens from movies to documentaries. There’s a new Men in Black coming out which is all about the government policing alien guests living on earth. I’m not a huge fan of the Men in Black franchise but it can be a fun time.

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