Forearm Forklift: Genius or Stupidity?
Posted by Listener Peter on February 06 2012

I’m a night owl by nature and as such, I’ve seen my fair share of the weirdest late night infomercials. There’s always something funny or interesting to say about products and services from infomercials. While channel surfing a few nights ago, I came across an infomercial for what’s called “Forearm Forklifts.” Yes, it works exactly as you’d expect. You use your arms as makeshift forklifts.

The idea itself is pretty genius. You have these straps that go under the thing you want to carry. Then there are loops for you to put your forearms through so that you can lift the object with easy. I don’t know how good this is but it sure looks like it works great but OMG the infomercial itself is so ridiculous. I couldn’t stop laughing enough to take it seriously. You see screens of couples lifting up objects together starting with small things like dressers and then incrementally advancing toward more difficult things like sofas and refrigerators. And to put even more emphasis on just how strong the straps are, you start seeing other things being added on top of the object to be lifted such as, your dog, cat, or maybe even your own kid. See it for yourself below.

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