Cows are Magnetic
Posted by Listener Peter on February 10 2012
Cows are always either in a herd or somehow lining up in rows. Well apparently this isn’t out of pure coincidence but actually because of science. Researchers behind Google Earth were analyzing images they’ve received from farming locations and noticed that the cows are lined up in organized lines, lines that match Earth’s magnetic fields! So what does this mean exactly?

People are not too sure why these cows were lined up so perfectly with Earth’s magnetic field. Some believe that cows are able to either see or sense the magnetic field and is drawn to it. In going toward the magnetic pull, they end up forming some line patterns. This is pretty trippy since I’ve never heard of this before. It does make some sense though. If you think about it, you’d ever only see cows either clustered in a herd or in a straight line. If this is due to magnetic polarity, then everything does add up. Still, it’s so funky that the cows would feel drawn to certain location and then form a line exactly the match of the magnetic fields.
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