Slim Your Face with Luscious Lips
Posted by Listener Peter on February 08 2012
The Japanese are known to be the great innovators of our time. They are always a step ahead with science and technology. This time they’ve come up with a revolutionary invention, called the Face Slimmer, to help women slim their face down. All they have to do is insert an open mouthpiece into their mouth and repeat the vowels of the alphabet for 3 minutes each day. Doing this will supposedly help your face feel smaller and get firmer skin.

My first question is, WTF? LOL!!! These things are made to look like giant, fat, Angelina Jolie type lips which are ridiculous. Once you have it in your mouth, it’s like a bizarre caricature a pornstar ready to suck on some sausage. Who came up with this idea? Whoever thought of the need for a smaller face?! The company that developed this product apparently also developed a phallic shaped neck massager so these weird lips are right up their alley. I don’t even think this thing works. It’s probably better used as a sex toy than a “face slimmer.” Even the before and after picture is so fake. Those are two different people on they’re comparing!!
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