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Support Local Business 05/01/2020
Support Local Business
During this unbelievable time, the businesses in our communities are being hit the hardest. These are the small business owners that need our help now more than ever. Think and shop local. Here is a list of businesses you can support.
Still Not Social Distancing 04/07/2020
Still Not Social Distancing
7% of people are still not practicing social distancing. FHF talk to listeners to find out their reasons for not social distancing themselves from others.
Twinkie Trivia 04/06/2020
Twinkie Trivia
It's Twinkies Birthday today, so Frank decides to do some Twinkie Trivia. In the meantime, while we wait to get contestants on the phone, here's a question: would you risk getting Coronavirus for sex? Then back to Twinkie Trivia!
Texts From Yesterday 04/03/2020
Texts From Yesterday
Listeners are able to interact during the live show by texting 'FHF' then their comment to 68683. Sometimes Frank can't get to all the comments that day, so at the end of the show, he goes back and looks for the good ones and brings them back up the next day. Here are a few 'Texts From Yesterday'.
Teachers Not Teaching, Students Not Learning 04/02/2020
Teachers Not Teaching, Students Not Learning
FHF talk to parents and teachers about the trials and tribulations of homeschooling.
Checking In With Lisa May 04/01/2020
Checking In With Lisa May
In late December, Lisa May retired from the radio show to start her own business, 'Strength Code', in Palm Springs. FHF check in with Lisa May to see how her journey goes and what struggles she is now having to deal with amid the Coronavirus pandemic.
Crossing Streams 4/1/20 04/01/2020
Crossing Streams 4/1/20
With the popularity of streaming networks (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney+, etc.), FHF and listeners recommend what you should watch in a new segement called "Crossing Streams".
Frosty, Heidi and Frank follow up with guest Radha Rajasingham 04/01/2020
Frosty, Heidi and Frank follow up with guest Radha Rajasingham
FHF follow up with Professor Radha Rajasingham (Assistant Professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Minnesota) about her work and the trials with a current malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, as a possible cure for the coronavirus.
Quarantine 15 04/01/2020
Quarantine 15
How much will weight will you gain during quarantine?
Sex in a Car 03/31/2020
Sex in a Car
Sex in a car seems like a young persons game. Frank is curious about who the oldest person is who recently had sex in a car. Listeners call and participate.
Songs We Absolutely Hate 03/30/2020
Songs We Absolutely Hate
FHF discuss and take calls about the songs we all hate to hear. You'll wanna listen... even though you're just going to hate it.
The Golden Voice Face Off 03/27/2020
The Golden Voice Face Off
Inspired by the FHF 'I Hate My Voice' bit, a listener suggests we find the listener with a golden voice. So here it is.
I Hate My Voice 03/26/2020
I Hate My Voice
Listeners call up to compete for who has the worst voice.
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